GateSentry Web Filter
GateSentry Web Filter

A Free Cross Platform Web Filter

GateSentry is a cross-platform proxy server with content filtering capabilities, user authentication system and data consumption statistics. It's built with Golang and free to use.

Works everywhere!





Platforms supported:


PS: Works on all the Pis too (Raspberry, Orange, BananaPi)

Built-in Web based User interface

GateSentry comes with its own web based interface which is powered by React and can be easily viewed via any modern desktop/mobile browser.

HTTPS Filtering

GateSentry does support Https content filtering by doing a MITM attack on your secure traffic. If you don't need this feature it can be disabled via GateSentry's administration panel.

Built-in User authentication system

GateSentry comes with a built in user authentication system where you can add more users/delete users, disable their internet access. If not required on your network you can disable the user authentication system too.

Time based Internet Access

Time based Internet access allows you to set times during which internet access would be disabled on your network.

Content type blocking

Content type blocking allows you to block specific file types on your network. Want to disable images? simply add the mime "image/png" and "image/jpeg" to GateSentry.

Data Consumption Statistics

If the user based authentication system is enabled GateSentry shows the amount of data consumed by each user on your network.

Remotely Disable User access

Access for network users can be easily enabled or disabled with a single click from the User Management Panel.

New version notice

[4-Oct-2023] The versions listed below are set to be deprecated in favor of an upcoming version I'm developing. Kindly download the new version from the 'Releases' section of the GitHub repository

Get GateSentry

Cross platform binaries for GateSentry can be downloaded from the following table:

Platform Download Guides
Linux x64 Download
Linux 386 Download Guide
Linux ARMv5 (RaspberryPi/BananaPi/OrangePi) Download
Linux ARM (RaspberryPi/BananaPi/OrangePi) Download
Windows 386 Download Guide
Certificate Installation Instructions
Windows x64 Download
Certificate Installation Instructions
OS X 64bit Download
FreeBSD x64 Download Guide
FreeBSD x86 Download Guide
Linux MIPS32 Email Me

When was GateSentry Last Updated?

Date Changelog
4 October 2023 - v 1.90
  • Introduced a DNS Server
  • Updated the UI
  • Made Gatesentry open source
18 September 2021 - v 1.80
  • Fixed several bugs
  • Allows users to use their own certificates
21 July 2018 - v 1.71
  • Major Performance updates
  • Bug fixes to exception site / host filters
  • Increased buffer sizes for content filtering
16 August 2018 - v 1.72
  • Added Capability to disable HTTPS filtering


Some features that I've planned for GateSentry's future:

  • Ad blocking
  • Graphic Image detection
  • App blocking
  • Email notifications whenever a page is blocked.
  • Provide a web based API to GateSentry for addons.